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All Thinks Sky Earrings Combo by Nian by Nidhi, containing Rainy Cloud Earrings, Galaxy Earrings, Rainbow Earrings and Lightning Earrings
Rainy Cloud Earrings - Nian by Nidhi - multi-colored
Galaxy Earrings - Nian by Nidhi - Blue and White - white and brown background
Rainbow Earrings - Nian by Nidhi - multi-colored - brown and flowery background
Lightning Earrings - Nian by Nidhi - wooden and flowery background

All Things Sky

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Look up the sky and admire the beauties it has. This combo gives you all - the stars and the moon, the rains and the rainbow. It all belongs to you.

Included in this combo (click on each product for more details):

Care Instructions: Your NIANs are made with extra love and care. To keep them safe, store them in an air-tight pouch or a box when not in use to keep them away from dust, liquids, and other chemicals.



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