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Enchanted Winter Earring Ensemble (Set of 6)

Enchanted Winter Earring Ensemble (Set of 6)

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Step into a world of winter whimsy with our Enchanted Winter Earring Ensemble, an exclusive collection that marries the playfulness of the season with sophisticated charm.

This captivating six-piece set brings together all the joys of winter in one stylish package, each pair of earrings telling its own story of seasonal splendor.

  • Wool Wrap Earrings: These embody the festive spirit, their rich red and golden shimmer reminiscent of holiday cheer and cozy nights by the fire.🧣
  • Punny Penguin Earrings: With a touch of arctic charm, these earrings invite a playful frolic on frosty days and cool, starlit nights.🐧
  • Candid Coffee Earrings: A tribute to those heartwarming coffee moments that define our winter mornings, these earrings bring a sip of chic to your style.☕️
  • Tea Time Hoops: Celebrate the monsoon's meditative moments with these tea-inspired hoops, a fashionable nod to the tranquility of tea rituals.🍵
  • Snowflake Danglers: Icy elegance meets individuality; these danglers are a shimmering statement of your unique presence, reflecting the singular beauty of a snowflake.❄️
  • Snowman Earrings: Classic and cheerful, these snowman earrings are the perfect companions to bundle up with, capturing the essence of winter's playful side.⛄

      Our Enchanted Winter Earring Ensemble is a curated invitation to revel in the seasonal festivities with accessories that sparkle with narrative and novelty.

      💸 Enjoy this exquisite collection with an exclusive FLAT DISCOUNT OF RS. 250!

      Perfect for gifting or to adorn your own winter ensembles, this collection is an ode to the enchanting moments that make winter truly magical. Each piece is designed to complement the other, allowing you to mix, match, and make memories. ❄️☕️🧣

      Adorn yourself with this lovingly crafted collection and let your accessories narrate the enchanting tales of winter. Let the savings and the stories unfold with every wear.


      Wool Wrap Earrings - Red and Shimmer Golden; Punny Penguin Earrings - White, Black and Red; Candid Coffee Earrings - White, Pink, and Brown; Tea Time Hoops - White, Black, and Brown; Snowflake Danglers - Holographic, Glassy Blue, and Silver; Snowman Earrings - White




      Approximate length (cm): Wool Wrap Earrings - 5, Punny Penguin Earrings - 4.5, Candid Coffee Earrings - 5, Tea Time Hoops - 4, Snowflake Danglers - 6.5, Snowman Earrings - 4.5

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