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Momos Earrings - White and Brown - Nian by Nidhi - held in a woman's hand
Momos Earrings - White and Brown - Nian by Nidhi - worn by a woman
Momos Earrings - White and Brown - Nian by Nidhi - placed in a white and brown background

Momos Earrings

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Introducing our newest addition to the collection - the Momos Earrings! 🥟🔥

Inspired by the popular street food snack, these earrings are crafted from high-quality acrylic in a gorgeous combination of white and brown. The intricate details capture the steamy and spicy essence of momos, making these earrings a unique addition to your accessory collection.

Not only are these earrings stylish and unique, but they are also lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods. The sturdy hook design ensures a secure fit, allowing you to wear them confidently for any occasion.

Add a touch of exotic flair to any outfit with our Momos Earrings. They are perfect for showcasing your love for culture and food while maintaining a sophisticated and classy look. These earrings make a great gift for anyone who appreciates bold and distinctive accessories.

So why wait? Grab your own pair of Momos Earrings and add some spice to your style today! 🌶️🛍️

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  • Color: White and Brown
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Dimensions: Length 4 cm (approximate)
  • Care Instructions: Your NIANs are made with extra love and care. To keep them safe, store them in an air-tight pouch or a box when not in use to keep them away from dust, liquids, and other chemicals.  

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