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Moonburst Multi-Strand Necklace - Golden - Nian by Nidhi - placed in a white background

Moonburst Multi-Strand Necklace

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🌙 Evoke the allure of the moonlit sky with our "Moonburst Multi-Strand Necklace." Crafted from a radiant golden non-precious metal, this necklace embodies the ethereal beauty of lunar phases in a multi-strand design.🌌

Each delicate strand captures a fragment of the moon's magic, reflecting its shimmering glow. The intertwined layers drape gracefully, creating a cascade of golden reflections that dance with every movement. With its adjustable dimensions, this necklace promises a perfect fit, ensuring it sits beautifully on every neckline.

Perfect for:

  • Evening soirees where you wish to shine the brightest.
  • Romantic dinners that call for a touch of elegance.
  • Days when you want to feel a celestial connection.

Whether you're a moon child, a stargazer, or someone who cherishes sophisticated jewelry, the Moonburst Multi-Strand Necklace is more than just an accessory—it's a statement of elegance, mystery, and style. Adorn yourself with the magic of the moon and let your aura gleam with golden brilliance. ✨

  • Color: Golden
  • Material: Non-precious metal
  • Dimensions: Adjustable
  • Care Instructions: Your NIANs are made with extra love and care. To keep them safe, store them in an air-tight pouch or a box when not in use to keep them away from dust, liquids, and other chemicals. 



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