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Splashy Rainboots Earrings - Pink and Red - placed in a white background
Splashy Rainboots Earrings - Pink and Red - worn by a woman
Splashy Rainboots Earrings - Pink and Red - placed in a white, brown, and pink background

Splashy Rainboots Earrings

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Step into the rainy season with our quirky and chic Rainyboots Earrings, designed to elevate your style this monsoon! The vibrant pink color adds a playful pop to your ensemble, while the charming red heart embossing adds a touch of elegance.

Whether you're splashing through puddles or simply want to make a fashion statement, these Rainyboots Earrings are the perfect choice.

Stand out in the crowd this rainy season with confidence and showcase your unique fashion sense! ☔👢💫

  • Color: Pink and Red
  • Material: Soft Acrylic with embossing effect
  • Dimensions: Length 5 cm (approximate)
  • Care Instructions: Your NIANs are made with extra love and care. To keep them safe, store them in an air-tight pouch or a box when not in use to keep them away from dust, liquids, and other chemicals.

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